What is SPINDO ?

It is a very simple and intuitive product, which helps you to store all your supplements in one place and makes sure you take them on time. We believe everybody should have one and that is why one of our main goals is to keep it affordable. There are already several different pill organizers and storage boxes in the market, however, none of it has the functionality like what SPINDO can offers.

Easy Fill

Unlike other traditional pill boxes where you have to open & close multiple lids to fill the supplements, with SPINDO, you just need to open once to refill all your pills altogether.

A Sweet Reminder

Whether you want to hang it on your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, office or your locker at the gym, SPINDO will remind you to take your supplements everyday!

A Fixed Location

When you need to take your supplements, you don't need to go over your entire bag or try to remind yourself where you left it. It will be just right there.

An Intuitive System

Inspired by the soda vending machines in the States, you no longer need to open the cap, pour the pills, and close the cap again when you want to take your supplements. Starting now, all your supplements will be just one click away, at your fingertip!